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Sean Meo

Despite looking like he’s just stepped out of a Kays catalogue, Sean Meo has actually been a professional stand-up since 1989. Before that, like his namesake Tony, he was a full time snooker player and was a quarter finalist in the English Championships of 1987. Since then, he has risen to the very top of […]

Rob Rouse

Whirlwind, dervish, maelstrom or just plain lunacy, Rob Rouse is a comedian who’s energy and zeal takes stand-up to a different level! Armed with paper sharp witts and a truck load of charm, he is a must see act who never fails to deliver a top quality performance. If its TV credits you need to […]

Pierre Hollins

The legend that is Pierre Hollins ladies and gentlemen. Not only has he been gigging for over two hundred years, all accross the globe and nearby planets, Pierre Hollins can juggle and ride a unicycle too. Having said that, he’s more than likely just going to be amusing us with his witty anecdotes and devishly […]

Phil Nichol

Taking the Piste regular, the mighty Phil Nichol never fails to entertain the apres ski audience. Yes he wins awards, yes he won the biggest award in comedy, yes he is unique. No matter how you try to describe Phil Nichols humour you do find yourself saying, “look, just go and watch him he’s amazing” […]

Pete Johansson

Be prepared for a fantastic barrage of insightful, sometimes cutting always funny comedy from this truly exceptional international award winning comedian! Canadadian Pete Johansson is a tour de force on the international comedy circuit and definitely one to watch now close up, before he starts filling Stadia! Pete headlines comedy clubs around the world, from […]

Paul Myrehaug

Paul began his comedy career in Alberta Canada and now is an internationally toured comedian with appearances on television, radio, festivals and world renowned comedy competitions. Live performances in: Canada, United States, The Caribbean, United Kingdom, Italy, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Austria, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Australia, Thailand […]

Paul Foot

I was born in Amersham in Buckinghamshire at an early age. Initially, I was unable to fend for myself. I could not work out how to walk or even say words. Luckily, a kind lady and gentleman took me home from the hospital. My mother taught me to speak nicely and talk about the weather. […]

Nick Helm

Otherwise known as the ‘car crash of comedy’ Nick Helm has literally smashed on to the comedy scene. Having only started in 2007, Helm has already bagged nominations at Ed Fringe for best comic and winner of best Joke… I’ll let him tell though. This guys makes me laugh, which is good as he does […]

Nick Doody

Intelligent, original and hilarious, Nick Doody is one of the UK’s leading contemporary political comedians, as well as being an engaging live performer and a prolific comedy writer for TV and radio. Nick Doody has been performing comedy since the 90s when, as a student, he got off to a pretty good start by supporting the […]

Mitch Benn

Mitch Benn started his career in Edinburgh in 1994, and was voted best new comic at the 1995 Glastonbury festival; scooping the Comedian Of The Year at The Leicester Comedy Festival three years later.He has performed hour-long shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 1997, 1998 and 1999, in the revue show The Bootleg Bootleg […]