Martin Mor

Martin is blessed with animal-keen senses that enable him to track people and objects with an impressive degree of success. He also processes uncanny comic improvisational skills. His mission is to remove evil from the world, or at least have a laugh about it

Born into a circus family, the famous Mucmors, Martin had an early career as a juggler, unicyclist, knife thrower, fire-eater, magician, and photographic model. As the result of an accident in the big top, in which he sustained a shattered ankle, he was forced to retire from performing his famous, freestanding ladder, tall unicycle, basketball juggling, pyrotechnic act.

Temporally robbed of his mobility, his senses reorganized themselves, producing a heightened comedic ability, lightning fast improvisational skills, and an improved sense of smell. He became a stand-up comedian. The beast within the boy unleashed at last, he became the dynamic, multi-skilled performer Martin Bigpig Mor, combining startlingly original material with bold, energetic improvisation