In 2008 a festival was born to the Alps that had the outlook like no other festival; namely to be a ‘bonafide’ festival with an international outlook, programme and vision.

The Altitude Festival was a huge success. Taking the Piste planted the seeds of the festival and nutured its growth over its first three years. We managed and programmed all the talent (worldwide TV celebreties of music and comedy), managed all the venues, PR and marketing. We ran the festival from A-Z for 2008, 2009 and 2010.

The festival has now taken root in Mayrehofen Austria and continues to be a huge success. See here for more info


Napa Live is a music based event and brand centered around the resort of Ayia Napa, Cyprus and since its birth in 2010 has put on a series of amazing gigs, club nights and comedy alongside beach, boat and pool parties across multiple venues in one of the most famous party destinations in the med.

In 2010 Taking the Piste supplied the comedy talent and managed the comedy programme and delivery of the gigs


One phone call from Marcus Brigstocke about snowboarding and telling jokes over ten years ago and ski resort comedy is as popular as ever! Come and join in the fun!

A hard day on the slopes, followed by a few vin chaud (or gluwein if you prefer), sit back relax and er laugh of course….

The Taking the Piste comedy tours have been a huge success accross the Alps over the last ten years. The events take place in most of the big popular resorts (full listing available here from November).


The exciting new addition to the ski calendar, City Ski and Taking the Piste present The Momentum Ski festival. A fun packed weekend of music and comedy set in one of the Alps most prestigious resorts of Crans Montana, Switzerland.

After 12 years in Courmayeur, the City Ski Championships will move to Crans Montana, Valais, Switzerland in 2012. This will inject a brand-new Alpine culture into the event and the World Cup GS course in Crans is perfect for the main competition.


This is the evening they’ve all been talking about, but sadly no one was listening. They were all wearing headphones. Silent Apres Ski (SAS) is taking the Alps by storm this year. 2 DJ’s 300 party goers in complete silence except for the cheers, the shuffling of dancing feet and the bloke in the corner attempting to ‘sing’ along.