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Tony Law

Winner of the Chortle Award for Breakthrough act in 2012… 14 years after starting out in comedy. He was also nominated for the Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award the same year. Before he says a word, his look signals the gig we are in for. Shock-haired, with luscious moustache and breeches salvaged from Captain Scott’s expedition […]

Tom Wrigglesworth

Tom Wrigglesworth is an established Stand-Up comedian, Radio and TV presenter and voice-over artist from Sheffield, England. He is best known for his live storytelling shows and BBC Radio comedy programmes which take a comical and emotional look at family relationships. Sony Award Winner, Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominee, Chortle & Time Out Award winner and […]

Ian D Montfort

Ian D Montfort is the psychic alter ego of Tom Binns… One thing’s for sure, Tom Binns makes an extremely convincing psychic. His white-clad creation Ian D. Montfort is half Shirley Ghostman and half Derek Acorah, with a gift for gently undercutting his initial guesses about the audience that leaves everyone in stitches, even his […]

Tiff Stevenson

Tiffany kicked off her comedy career in 2006. As an actress she had already worked alongside established artists such as Ricky Gervais in The Office, Jon Bird in Chambers and Stephen Fry in Absolute Power. A series of successful sell out Edinburgh shows, UK and international tour gigs and Tiffany has fast become an established […]

Stuart Goldsmith

Stuart Goldsmith is fast becoming a tour de force on the comedy circuit and its easy to see why. Well timed, sharp comedy, delivered with charm and charisma by the bucket-full. Whats not to like about this fast ascending comedian? Finalist in ITV series Show me the Funny, with 4 and 5 star reviews for […]

Sean Meo

Despite looking like he’s just stepped out of a Kays catalogue, Sean Meo has actually been a professional stand-up since 1989. Before that, like his namesake Tony, he was a full time snooker player and was a quarter finalist in the English Championships of 1987. Since then, he has risen to the very top of […]

Rob Rouse

Whirlwind, dervish, maelstrom or just plain lunacy, Rob Rouse is a comedian who’s energy and zeal takes stand-up to a different level! Armed with paper sharp witts and a truck load of charm, he is a must see act who never fails to deliver a top quality performance. If its TV credits you need to […]

Pierre Hollins

The legend that is Pierre Hollins ladies and gentlemen. Not only has he been gigging for over two hundred years, all accross the globe and nearby planets, Pierre Hollins can juggle and ride a unicycle too. Having said that, he’s more than likely just going to be amusing us with his witty anecdotes and devishly […]

Phil Nichol

Taking the Piste regular, the mighty Phil Nichol never fails to entertain the apres ski audience. Yes he wins awards, yes he won the biggest award in comedy, yes he is unique. No matter how you try to describe Phil Nichols humour you do find yourself saying, “look, just go and watch him he’s amazing” […]

Pete Johansson

Be prepared for a fantastic barrage of insightful, sometimes cutting always funny comedy from this truly exceptional international award winning comedian! Canadadian Pete Johansson is a tour de force on the international comedy circuit and definitely one to watch now close up, before he starts filling Stadia! Pete headlines comedy clubs around the world, from […]