Tony Law

Winner of the Chortle Award for Breakthrough act in 2012… 14 years after starting out in comedy. He was also nominated for the Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award the same year.

Before he says a word, his look signals the gig we are in for. Shock-haired, with luscious moustache and breeches salvaged from Captain Scott’s expedition to the South Pole, Law is a man out of his time. Throw in an “epic 1960s movie voice”, which brings a stentorian quality to his stream of fabulation, and physical self-assertion – he looms over his audience – and you have a recipe for instant, amusing disconcertion. He brings us in on the game, too – always ensuring that we are collaborators in the ridiculousness of the ancient Norse game of “scoop-mud”, say, or in the time his jailbird uncle turned into a dragon.