Josh Howie

Josh is the son of legendary PR guru Lynne Franks, the woman who inspired Jennifer Saunders’ character Edina in Absolutely Fabulous. Raised as a Buddhist this ex-public schoolboy then trained as a Rabbi before being kicked off the programme for being caught with a naked (non-Jewish) girl. He started his own PR firm when he was just 16, received critical acclaim for writing and directing a short film for Channel 4, and has had a number of senior roles in music video production companies. And now he’s decided to settle down and get a proper job – as a stand-up comedian.

Josh Howie is the perfect blend of Larry David and Woody Allen all wrapped in a Briton’s body. As Howie puts it, there are no taboo subjects in comedy. He’s not afraid to mention the Holocaust or the size of his own appendage. One thing he does try to do is break down the Jewish stereotype, because apparently there’s lots of money in it.

Josh’s aim with his shows, like all comedian’s should be is to make people laugh. However he doesn’t intend to do this by connecting with the audience about mundane gags about the alarm clock or the toaster, Josh’s own life story is far more interesting and funny.