Ivan Brackenbury

Top Ten Fosters Comedy God

Best Established Comedian Nomination Adelaide Fringe 2010

Chortle Top 50 Most Memorable Gigs of the Decade 2000-2010

Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominee 2007


“If laughter is the best medicine, Ivan Brackenbury should be a real hospital radio DJ. Ivan’s Hospital broadcast, Disease Hour, is the most deliciously enjoyable I’ve spent on the Fringe. His poorly judged dedications, like everything else in this chock-full show, come thick, fast and funny. And that pregnant pause, as we wait to hear which song Ivan selects for which ailment, gets more tantalising every time.” THE GUARDIAN ★★★★

“I’ll let you go to the show and find out which patients and what ailments elicit the playing of Solid as a Rock, Secret Smile and the rather excellent Mary McGregor’s hit Torn Between Two Lovers and I am sure Joan Arkwright’s gynecological problem is all the better for Ivan’s thoughtful record choice. I laughed so much I nearly suffered the same thing. Special in every sense of the word. Wonderful, pitch-perfectly performed silliness from which you emerge still giggling.” THE SCOTMAN ★★★★

“For simple laugh-’til you ache humour, Ivan Brackenbury is the hit of the Fringe” THE EVENING STANDARD ★★★★

“_e whole room was in hysterics from the word go, endorphin-filled laughter indeed proving the best medicine. Brackenbury is absolutely utterly hilarious – I can’t recommend this enough. Go see it.” THE AGE ★★★★

“laughs per minute the funniest show at the Fringe” TIME OUT ★★★★

“Ivan’s prime gag is to play the least suitable records possible for the listeners to his Disease Hour. Binns just lets him get on with being brilliantly, beautifully bad. You’ll spend an hour glorying in the stupid ways we find to keep ourselves amused, and then you’ll leave, still chuckling at them.” THE TIMES ★★★★