Eric Lampaert

Eric Lampaert finally grew tired of the stagnant confines of his mother’s womb on the 4th October 1986. He wanted out of that amniotic hell and began using his umbilical cord as a set of primitive reigns to direct her hapless body. Catastrophically, even at that age Eric exhibited a shockingly limited attention span and became distracted, causing his mother to deposit his gangly form in the tiny French town of Hirson.

Appearing in the Alps between the 9th – 12th of March 2015.

As soon as Eric could crawl, he found himself clawing at the white cliffs of Dover. Eric immersed himself in everything Britishand no sooner has eric learned to walk (albeit with a chaotic, ambling gait), he fell in love with the likes of Eddie Izzard and Christopher Morris. With adolescents came a ‘look’ if that’s what you can call an absence of a ‘look’ he began to resemble the lovechild of Tim Burton and Alice cooper. Eventually, recognizing that making a tit of himself was to be his only source of attention in life, Eric decided that the stage must be his destination


“This is exactly what you want: gusto, affability and the ability to whip up an air of playful havoc” – THE FEST

Since 2008, Eric’s play-dough face and weird grasshopper legs have been used on the stand up comedy circuit. And sometimes his face gets on the television, which can cause quite a stir. Some people think his face is CGI. It’s not. That’s his actual face and he loves it.

TV Credits:
Splendid (Pilot) – Magician Pictures
The Antidote (Pilot) – Brown Eyed Boy

Burke & Hare – Dir John Landis, Burke & Hare Productions