Eddy Brimson

Eddy Brimson is one of the UK circuits most in demand headline acts working regularly with all the leading clubs and festivals.

Eddy is a regular of the taking the piste comedy tours, invited back every year and is consistantly a big hit with venues and audiences alike. He is a natural and affable entertainer, with an uncanny skill for story telling. Every word in Eddys set has fought for its place in furthering the narrative and helping the scene unfold in its ridiculous and often surprising climax. Its always a great pleasure to see an Eddy Brimso’s set and to witness the appreciation of the whole audience.

Eddy is equally in demand worldwide. He played the first ever Altitude Festival in the French Alps in 2008 and the Sydney Cracker Festival in Australia. Eddy has also taken his comedy to such far flung places as Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain. He once even played a gig naked.