David Trent

David Trent is a phenomenon.

If you have never seen interactive video comedy in the Alps then you should come and watch this man

But don’t take our word for it, this is just how good he is (taken from his bio….)

David Trent has lost every major comedy competition in the first round apart from the 2008 North Essex comedian of the year competition where he was a finalist. David’s progress in this competition was somewhat hindered by his decision to watch “The Orphanage” at the Duke Of York cinema in Brighton on the night of the final.

“You’ll need more than that to win you know,” A man from the audience, first round, North Essex Comedian Of The Year competition.

“I thought you were funny but then because nobody else was laughing I thought I’d better stop.” A man from the audience, Mostly Comedy.

“First to take to the stage was David Trent – whose act proved as cringeworthy as his near namesake in ‘The Office’.” Neil Welch, Online reporter, Newbury Today.

“The guy who owns the land and was helping run the festival got on stage and did some poetry which was good. But then these comedians started who were pretty average and killed the mood I’d say” – Winning Sperm Party Blog.