Brian Gittins

From greasy spoon owner to the London Palladium in five years. That’s Brian Gittins’s ambition, and he’s well on the way – Gittins (the alter ego of actor David Earl) supported Ricky Gervais in London last month. Aspects of his act recall Gervais’s work – particularly the David Brent titter that follows every duff punchline. Closer comparisons can be drawn with the likes of Count Arthur Strong or Jeremy Lion.Gittins is another character who trades in anti-comedy; in the gulf between a pathetic man’s ambitions and his total lack of entertainment ability.

Appearing in the Alps from

After 6 years on the circuit, Brian Gittins has yet to make any waves in the comedy world and continually struggles to find an audience that like him. A Nick Ferrari enthusiast and a nasal spray addict, Brian has given himself 25 years to reach the London Palladium.

‘One of the best comedy characters of the decade.’ Ricky Gervais

‘Very funny and horrifically distressing.’ Independent