Brendon Burns

Mmm, how do you go about describing a comedy act who may upset some of the audience? I think its best not to start. I think its best to describe you, the audience. Please only come to this gig if you genuinely like comedy, don’t take life too seriously and you’re up for anything – Because this guy is literally hilarious. Thats probably why Brendon Burns gets to do national and international tours, has won some of the best awards going in comedy and why we desperately try to book him every year!

Appearing in the Alps from

This is no holes barred comedy, but that doesn’t mean lude and rude for the sake of it. Its Mr Burns mission is to uncover the banality of life and expose the social awkwardness prevalent in society and fuck about with it, lay it bare for all to see. You can pick it up and run with it or fold your arms in disapproval. That’s your choice. If its the latter, go over the road and watch a cover band play pop music to a backing track.