Kai Humphries

Kai is a happy-go-lucky, supremely funny and truly loveable Geordie comedian and compere, his infectious enthusiasm and high-octane delivery of genuinely hilarious and delightfully optimistic material has seen him rapidly shooting up the professional comedy ranks.

In May 2010 he recorded his TV debut for Comedy Central’s “The Comedy Store” alongside some of the biggest names in comedy, but barely 18 moths after his very first time ever on stage.

A self-confessed lad’s lad, his disarmingly friendly delivery holds a few surprises – not least his ability to supplement his cheeky banter with a contrasting intelligence in his material. Kai’s mind holds a truly unique and vivid imagination, although the occasional “dick joke” – admittedly, well written and funny dick joke – can also make its’ presence felt.

Kai is genuinely excited and passionate to share his stories and jokes with his audience and does this in such an engaging and intimate way that it could easily be just a group of mates having a good night out. He is a natural entertainer and judging by the numerous gigs all over the world, Kai is set to have a very successful comedy career.

2016 Dates:

14/3 – Whistlers Bar, Arc 2000

15/3 – Bar Mont Blanc, Peisey Vallandry

16/3 – Lodge du Village, Meribel Village (MERIBEL SPRING PARTY)

17/3 – Hotel Le Vert, Chamonix